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Unmatched sensitivity and specificity for confident MRD detection. Interested in learning more about using Haystack MRD?

MRD testing

See what other tests can't

Haystack Oncology uses the next generation of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) detection technology to see through the noise and uncover residual, recurrent, and resistant disease earlier than any other minimal residual disease (MRD) test.

Haystack MRD

Haystack MRD

MRD testing demands the most sensitive ctDNA detection. The Haystack MRD Test is a tumor-informed ctDNA test that is specifically designed for post-surgical MRD applications.


Residual disease detection

Go beyond standard risk assessment for adjuvant chemotherapy guidance to ensure that the right person gets the right treatment.


Treatment response monitoring

Track ctDNA levels during adjuvant chemotherapy or second-line therapy to monitor treatment response and acquired resistance.

Disease recurrence surveillance

Detect molecular recurrence with greater lead time before clinical relapse.

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Haystack MRD

Dive Deeper

Haystack Oncology was founded to dramatically improve patient outcomes by optimizing treatment strategies using transformative precision oncology. Learn how we support clinicians and biopharma in our mission by providing better MRD testing for better clinical management and therapeutic development.

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The Difference

Why choose Haystack MRD?

Analytical superiority
Haystack MRD achieves unmatched sensitivity and specificity for the most effective ctDNA detection.
Transformative technology
Haystack MRD is powered by DUO™, a proprietary sequencing chemistry that is the culmination of 20 years of liquid biopsy research and innovation focused on detection of low-abundance mutant DNA molecules.
Built by giants

Haystack Oncology was founded by pioneers in blood-based diagnostics who were the first to envision a revolution in patient care made possible by groundbreaking molecular methods.

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