Haystack MRD Test

Better clinical development with better MRD testing

Unmatched sensitivity and specificity for confident MRD detection. Arriving Soon.

For Biopharma

Haystack MRD™ leverages unmatched sensitivity and specificity to accelerate clinical trials and produce insights that drive biopharma initiatives like no other minimal residual disease (MRD) test.

Adjuvant setting
Stratify patients and enrich for ctDNA-positive patients for adjuvant-setting enrollment
Therapeutic monitoring

Follow response more deeply for a complete picture of therapeutic efficacy

Second-line treatment

Identify adjuvant therapy nonresponders more quickly for second-line therapy to control progression sooner

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Haystack MRD Test

Haystack MRD™ is a tumor-informed liquid-biopsy-based test that begins with tissue-based whole-exome sequencing (WES) to identify patient-specific tumor mutations. A personalized MRD test is then developed to detect ctDNA from residual, recurrent, or resistant disease.


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Analytical performance details

Sensitive and accurate ctDNA detection

Haystack MRD is powered by Haystack Duo™ chemistry to achieve sensitivity down to 1 part per million (1 PPM, or 0.0001% tumor fraction) with 100% specificity observed.

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Confident MRD calls

Haystack MRD delivers exceptional accuracy at ultra-low ctDNA levels. The test's clean background allows the calling threshold to be set lower than other methods, which yields the highest sensitivity for patient enrollment, stratification, and response monitoring.

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The multi-tool of MRD

Unlike other tests, Haystack MRD was purpose-built for granular ctDNA testing that reports variant-level results. So besides reporting sample-level MRD status, Haystack MRD can track specific ctDNA variants for various applications including targeted therapy guidance.

Each patient’s whole genome library is also archived and is available for acquired resistance mapping and retrospective genomic discovery.

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